We're all acquainted with the magic of SMS, aren't we? A unique phenomenon that started more than two decades ago and continues to remain standard, SMS is thought to be an essential characteristic of a mobile. From the straightforward phones to the smartphones, each mobile has an in-built SMS feature and so messaging happens to be some of the used icons in your mobile phone menu. However, the SMS as we know it at the moment may be very totally different from how it was really introduced. Having undergone a number of adjustments, SMS established a number of milestones in more than twenty years of its existence.

For those of you who do not know it, here's a sneak-peak into the fun facts about SMS communication:

Pagers inspired the invention of SMS

Earlier than SMS grew to become well-liked, people used to depend on pagers. Nonetheless, the sad part about pagers was that you could possibly only send numbers and no messages. It was in this situation that specialists identified the necessity of being able to ship messages and worked towards inventing the SMS facility.

First message despatched in 1993

Initially, the mobile phone corporations by no means believed that individuals wouldn't be so joyful with the texting facility especially after they could talk face to face. Due to this fact, the usage of SMS was restricted to inside communication only. However, gradually things began to change and the primary official SMS went out in 1993.

Becomes standard in 1999

In the first few years, customers of one particular mobile phone service provider might send SMS only to numbers registered under that service provider. Nevertheless, just a few years later in 1999, it was attainable to ship SMS's to rival phone networks as well. This is when folks acknowledged the ability of SMS and the convenience that this feature facilitated. Quickly, sufficient SMS grew to become a sensation!

It's the second hottest function utilized in mobile phones

Yes! Consider it or not, texting is the second hottest characteristic that's used on mobile phones. The primary place continues to be reserved for the time checking feature of the mobile.

The word length was determined by a put upcard

Postcards haven't got a lot house to write and are supposed to notify people. Even SMS's have been designed on related lines with a a hundred and sixty character limit so that folks could ship throughout all the basic information instead of describing the situation in detail.

People vote on texts

It was in 2003 that the media guys realized the power of texting when a European singing contest introduced a singular feature wherein the audience could vote for his or her favorite contestants by means of text messages. It was an instant hit and continues for use even today.

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