Functional Medicine
What Is Functional Medicine?
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Functional medicine is a personalized and integrative approach to healthcare which includes understanding the prevention, management and root causes of advanced chronic disease, The ultimate goal is to heal disease and promote a healthy life. A healthy life is just not defined as simply an absence of illness, but somewhat a positive vitality filled with energy, joy, gratitude and balance.

Functional medicine doesn't reject typical medicine, instead it uses typical medicine as a basis on which to add new dimensions in the evaluation, management and prevention of chronic disease.

The foundational pillars of this healthcare approach are:
• Patient-centered care
By really hearing the affected person’s history, learning their story and then relating it back to them into the context of their problems, the physician brings the affected person into the discovery process and develops a administration plan that addresses the personalized needs of the patient.

• Integrative, science-based mostly methodology
Using the latest evidence in medical research in conjunction with medical expertise and affected person preferences, the doctor looks "upstream" into the complicated web of interactions which can lead to illness from the patient’s genes, history, physiology and lifestyle. It is a true "inside-out" approach starting deep inside with the affected person’s distinctive genetic makeup then outward to determine any physiological imbalances expressing themselves as complaints, symptoms and in the end disease. Central to all this are the usually overlooked elements of inner factors (mind, body and spirit) and exterior factors (physical and social environment) which are vital in evaluating the individual for optimum function.

• Integrating finest medical practices from a number of disciplines
If it works – use it. The functional medicine doctor integrates traditional Western medical practices with other types of medical approaches from across the world. This integration of medical traditions is used to create the following emphasis:

prevention of disease by way of nutrition, train and lifestyle.
use of the latest laboratory testing and diagnostic methods
prescribed combinations of medicines, botanicals, supplements,therapeutic diets, exercise plans, rehabilitation plans, detoxing programs and stress administration techniques
Why Is Functional Medicine Wanted?
Society is experiencing a dramatic rise in the quantity of people affected by advanced, chronic ailments comparable to coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune problems, ADHD, autism and mental illness. Healing the patient has change into replaced with treating the patient. This change in terminology implies that the patient’s problems are permanent, however the symptoms may be controlled with a life-time of ever increasing drugs. Patients want an approach which embraces healing by addressing the root cause of their problems, rather than perpetually trimming the leaves of their symptoms. Functional medicine is that approach.

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